No Sale No Charge on Selling Your Home in Moe

If we don’t sell your house there are no fees

No sale no commission Moe

There Are No Upfront Costs.
You will never be out of pocket with Danny Edebohls Property Sales. You pay nothing whatsoever unless your property sells. Danny Edebohls Property Sales carries all the advertising and marketing costs.

This means No Advertising Costs.

You pay absolutely nothing until your home is sold. Danny Edebohls Property Sales carries all of the advertising costs. This guarantees that you cannot lose money if your home does not sell or if you change your mind and decide not to sell. No other Trafalgar, Newborough or Moe real estate agent can offer the same.

No Sale No Commission Real Estate

Selling a home can be stressful. Owners can sometimes have an emotional attachment to their property. Or, through hardship, they must sell their home. Either way, we will eliminate any upfront fees until the home is sold. It is not unusual for rural homeowners to compare their property with metropolitan prices and say “my home is bigger and so is the land it is built on. Why can’t I get a comparable price?”. They then fork out thousands of dollars in marketing and promotion costs to an agency. The potential buyers bid under their asking price and the owner refuses to sell. The exercise inevitably costs them money the longer the property is listed. We remove this expense by charging no commission until the property is sold and the owner is comfortable with the sale price.

How do you sell my home with no upfront fees?

We utilise all the major real estate portals for the sale of all our properties. This includes and many free property websites such as We also access our database of buyers and filter out buyers that match your property. We use email marketing, digital window displays, our own website and social media.

All this means our real estate sales agents are more motivated to acquire a sale. The pressure is on to realise the owners asking price as no payments are received until the property is sold. The creates a trust with our vendors that they cannot get from other agencies. It is the reason we are the number agency in Moe.

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No Sale No Charge on Selling Your Home in Moe